Mary’s Milk Bar

For me, Tuesdays after school meant going to piano lessons and waiting at my dad’s office until 7pm when he closed his office only to go home to eat my dad’s bok choy & tofu stir-fry 😒. But Tuesdays after school also meant that I got to get ice cream after piano lessons on my walk back to my dad’s office at The Ice Cream Dock at Harbor Bay Landing (it’s not longer there). Every Tuesday, I would alternate between a scoop of Mint Chip or Cookie Dough ice cream in a cup and eat it before starting my homework that night. Thus, began my love for ice cream.

Since then, there have been many other ice cream parlors and stores that I have grown to love, especially with the plethora of hipster and unique ice cream places in the Bay Area. (Smitten Tcho Chocolate FTW! There is no smoother chocolate ice cream than that liquid nitrogen stuff)

Moving to a new city meant that I needed to find my new ice cream place, and I think I found it.

Thanks Buzzfeed for helping me find this place so please allow me to introduce Mary’s Milk Bar.

Mary's Milk Bar

Mary’s Milk Bar is a little gelato shop in Old Town/Grassmarket just below the Castle. It’s literally a few flights of stairs away from Andrew’s desk at New College so it’s pretty convenient to go there for my ice cream fix (although I no longer get to eat ice cream every week because we are on a student budget 😔). From the window of this little ice cream shop, you get a beautiful view of the Edinburgh Castle.

Now, I am quite used to lines, especially for food. Andrew and I have not encountered a line for a restaurant or cafe since we’ve arrived here so we knew it had to be a good sign. The place itself has a vintage, 1940s feel to it so it’s super cute.

Like my favorite hipster ice cream shops in the Bay Area, Mary’s Milk Bar has rotating flavors using only fresh ingredients and can run out of a particular flavor at any given time during the day. We waited less than 10 minutes on a Saturday afternoon, which to me to short for some good ice cream cause I’ve definitely waited 30 minutes for Ici’s or Bi-Rite. Anyways, we ended up getting a 2 scoops to share.

We got Milk and Tea+Biscuit as our 2 flavors. Ice cream had a nice, smooth texture to it and both the Tea and Milk flavors were apparent, but not overpowering. I liked the Milk flavor a lot. Why didn’t other people think about Milk as a flavor before?! After all, ice cream is made of milk! Genius! The shop is a little small to eat it there so we ate it outside with views of the Castle. 1 scoop is £2 and 2 scoops is £3, not too bad for artisan ice cream.

Mary's Milk Bar

I enjoyed my ice cream and will definitely be coming back. I’m pretty sure this will be my go-to ice cream place here in Edinburgh. Yum. 🍦

Mary’s Milk Bar
19 Grassmarket, Edinburgh EH1 2HS
Closed on Mondays


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