Moving to Edinburgh – The Flat

“Around 22 people are competing for a typical room up for rent in Edinburgh – more than anywhere else in the country, a report has found.” 

Andrew and I are so thankful for God providing a home for us in Edinburgh.

Seriously. We started looking online for flats (apartments) during the summer on Gumtree, the UK version of Craigslist and various apartment letting websites. We contacted a couple of them and they either didn’t respond, replied that the flat was taken, or that we needed to view the property before they could move forward with securing a place. After these unsuccessful attempts to find us our home in Edinburgh, we contacted a few churches to see if their church community had any places available or knew of anybody that had a flat for rent. We received a reply for one place, but ultimately decided that it was too far from where we wanted to stay so we decided to just wait until we arrived to start the hunt for our home.

Not having a place to live, or a place to call home is so stressful. You feel so unsettled. After we got married, we lived out of our suitcases, which sounds adventurous and cool, but it’s not. We stayed in 2 nice hotels (thanks MOSFO & Salish), a nice Airbnb, Andrew’s Auntie’s place (thanks Emah Sue!), and my parent’s place (thanks Mom & Dad).

Since we had no leads or any connections to Edinburgh, we booked an Airbnb a week before our flight. At the airport waiting for our flight, I emailed a bunch of advertisements about scheduling viewings for flats.

When we arrived to London, we got an email from someone from one of the churches we contacted asking if we were still looking for a place. We quickly replied back, but got no further information.

On the first day we arrived, we tried to do our bank stuff, got turned away, got a mobile number, tried to get to know the area a bit, and continued with trying to find places to live.

The second day, we walked about 9 miles around the city going to view 3 different flats. The first one, was a little out of our budget and too far. The second was was out of our budget and just not a good fit for our lifestyle. The third was was in a good location, less that our budget, but very dirty, old, and just not taken care of. Also, it wouldn’t be available until October. We were desperate, but I need a “renovated” bathroom. Old bathrooms make me feel dirty. Yes, I know…I’m so high maintenance. But this would be our home. Nobody wants to feel dirty at home right?

So we prayed more.

The next day, were able to get in contact with the lady that emailed us when we were in London to visit her flat. It was a little out of our budget, but perfect! It had a renovated kitchen, 2 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms. It had lots of natural light and an “open” floor plan with space to host. And, it was in a good area, close to 2 Asian stores, and the discounted grocery store. Plus, it had great views of Arthur’s seat with great running paths. Once we saw it, we knew we wanted it.

We wanted to move in immediately, but the landlord lives abroad and wanted to get things done before we moved in so we ended up booking an extra night with our Airbnb host.

Since we have a private landlord, I’m not sure what the “normal” process is for acquiring a flat, but my advice would be to be patient and pray…cause He provides. Our landlord had another student needing a place to stay so we actually got a roommate, who is nice and courteous so our overall rent is lower than we anticipated.

So for you lovely blog readers, welcome to our home!

This is our bedroom, complete with decorative throw pillows. (Do you like that little penguin? It’s a hot water bottle holder to keep me warm!)


This is our bathroom…quite spacious and nicely renovated compared to many of the bathrooms in older flats. Apparently the Victorian women of the time didn’t like bathrooms so they made the bathrooms really tiny.


This is our IKEA-designed kitchen.


This is our living and dining space

dining & living room

And this is the view of Holyrood Park and Arthur’s Seat from our living room!

living room view

Let us know when you plan to visit us!


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