Kanpai Sushi

For Andrew’s birthday, we decided to try out the highest rated sushi place in Edinburgh (okay, so it’s the highest rated sushi restaurant on Tripadvisor and on many lists for best sushi in Edinburgh). This restaurant is Kanpai Sushi.

Yay, happy birthday Andrew. Andrew also got to spend the entire day in bed with his books while I was at work all day so it’s obviously a good brithday.


I also found #asianstakingpicturesoffood and proceeded to become one for the purpose of this blog. I know, I know… I’ve become one of them. 😉


We ordered Takoyaki Octopus Fish Cake to start with. It was solid. Nothing to rave about. You only get 5 pieces, which is hard to justify the cost for street food. (£5.20)


I ordered the rainbow roll. The “rainbow roll” only included salmon and tuna as the fish. I won’t complain about that cause I like tuna and salmon the best anyways, but normally, “rainbow rolls” include around 4 different types of fish to create the rainbow. Also, there was cucumber instead of crab or imitation crab for the inside of the sushi. Rice could’ve been more sticky and more chewy. It didn’t have the same rice vinegar flavor we are used to. The rice also seemed harder than normal, like they didn’t cook it long enough. Kewpie on top was overly sour. Andrew said it tasted like regular mayonnaise. Other than that, the presentation was nice. (£10.90)


We also ordered sweet shrimp and scallop nigiri. The sweet shrimp was not what we were expecting since it just tasted like normal shrimp. The scallop however, was excellent. Easily our favorite part of our meal. Rice of course could be more sticky and more flavorful. (Sweet Shrimp £3.50, Scallop £5.90)


We decided to go for sweet shrimp, tuna, and salmon sashimi. Sweet shrimp was not as we were expecting. Tuna and salmon were alright. They satisfied our craving for sushi, but nothing to rave about. Each order came with 5 pieces. Again, hard to justify the price when you only get 5 pieces, but I like the cute flower on the plate. (Salmon £6.20, Tuna £6.90, Sweet Shrimp £5.50).


We also ordered vegetable tempura (that I don’t have a picture of). Also, it just looks like fried vegetables. It was solid, as expected. The only thing I didn’t like was mushrooms for my vegetable tempura, but that’s cause I don’t like mushrooms. (£7.90)

Total Cost of Meal: £52 (with tip, we spent £59)

Service was great. They took our jackets, were kind, and very quick. Once we put in our orders, we immediately got our food. We were actually done with our meal in 40 minutes. The ambience was really nice too. The restaurant is well decorated, simple, and clean.

Would we go again? Probably not. We were full and got our sushi fill for the month, but we can’t justify the cost for the quality and amount of food we got. Sorry Tripadvisor, we have to disagree with you on this one.

Best sushi in Edinburgh…we are still on the hunt for you. 🍣

Overall Rating: 3/5

Kanpai Sushi
8-10 Grindlay Street
Edinburgh EH3 9AS
Open for Lunch and Dinner
Closed on Mondays


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