Twelve Triangles

I always appreciate a good doughnut and the people who wake up at ridiculous hours to have fresh doughnuts available for you before the sun comes up. My Kindergarten best friend’s family owned a few doughnut shops in Oakland and Berkeley so I definitely got my fair share of them as a child. Side note, but I love this article about the Back Story Behind Cambodian-Owned Donut Shops.

Anyways, I think I found the best doughnuts in Edinburgh. Granted, I haven’t tried any other places, but these are AMAZING and deserve its own blog post. Twelve Triangles is the sister location to Lovecrumbs, a cake and cafe shop that is also highly recommended.

The staff is very friendly, but it’s a small spot with not much seating space so it’s not the best place to work or study. I always just get the doughnuts for takeaway.

Twelve Triangles

They serve fresh breads, coffee, and the most delicious jam or custard-filled doughnuts. These doughnuts are not your typical fried dough with a hole in the middle. They’re the filled with gooey goodness and covered in sugar. They change their flavors and menu daily, but everything we’ve tasted so far as been great. We’ve tried their chocolate hazelnut knots (like a cinnamon roll, but so much better because it’s like nutella bread), artichoke goat-cheese focaccia (perfectly cooked artichoke with goat-cheese that wasn’t too strong), plum walnut ricotta focaccia (very good, but a little oily), coffee custard doughnut (YUM.), and cardamom custard doughnut (SO GOOD). The dough is light and they’re not too sweet. I already can’t wait to try their hot cross buns and other donut flavors.

In my opinion, the prices are a little high for such a “small” doughnut, but I guess you’re paying for the better, high quality ingredients. I’m not exactly sure how much each item is…but it’s around £2.50-3.00 per item. If you get two items, it’s already £5+, not including coffee.

P.S. Do not judge me for spelling donuts as “doughnuts.” That’s how they spell it here.

Insider Tip: Get there early. You never know when they’re going to run out.

Twelve Triangles
90 Brunswick St, Edinburgh
Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 10am-5pm


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