Pretending to be a Student

Recently, Andrew and I have been hanging out at the Library Bar in the Teviot Row House, one of the University of Edinburgh’s student unions. Teviot Row House is actually the oldest purpose built student union in the world (it opened in 1889) and is home to six different bars. On the outside, Teviot Row House has this gothic castle look (I would take a better picture of it, but there’s construction around it). I like to think I’m entering a Hogwarts building. They even put up these purple uplighting on the outside to make it look super cool in the evening. Once inside, I feel as though I time-traveled to the 1920s.



The Library Bar operates as a cafe, restaurant, and pub. There are couches, tables, fire places, old bookshelves, and even a spiral staircase. Food is not that great, but I just remind myself that it is still a campus dining facility. They serve pizza, pastas, nachos, and burgers and the prices are really affordable. They serve alcohol here as well so it’s a nice place to hang out in. I love that it’s open even on weekends. You’ll need a student login to get the internet though, but other than that, this is a really great spot. For some reason, I feel smarter when I’m there.


Andrew & his two favorite foods: Naches & Pizza

Andrew and I haven’t visited this spot during term time, which I imagine to more crowded. In the meantime, I don’t mind using university buildings and pretending to be a student.

P.S. Yes, I did use those instagram filters for these pics just to make it look vintage. Don’t judge me.


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