My Online Doggy-Dating Experience

One of the best things about living in the UK is that they really love their dogs and there are a lot of them in Edinburgh.britishdogs
Since they love their dogs so much, one genius person thought of of this amazing idea that connects dog owners with dog lovers. This idea became The idea behind it is that instead of using dog walkers, kennel services, or leaving dogs at home alone, trusted dog lovers would be happy to take care of a dog for free, just because they love dogs. It’s a brilliant idea since it allows dog lovers like me who do not have the space, time, or money to own a dog a chance to be with one. The dogs get to go out for walks and runs, the owners get ‘free’ dog sitting, and I get to play with a dog who forces me to exercise. Everybody wins. The whole concept is also an awesome way for connecting the community. It allows its members to meet and interact with lots of dogs and dog owners in the area. To all my American friends, there seems to be a similar app called Bark’N’Borrow.

The whole “borrow my doggy” experience is quite like an online dating experience. First, you stress out about creating the perfect profile and profile picture. As a borrower, I explained a little bit about myself, my experience with dogs, and how much I love them. Then, the website matches dog owners and their borrowers based on distance and availability. This first part is free. You get to look at and read about dogs in your area and pick the cutest and friendliest looking ones. If you want to be verified and be able to meet the dogs and their owners, you need to be subscribed. It’s £9.99 per year as a borrower (£44.99 per year for owners). It is not necessarily free, but I don’t mind spending £10 to support the business, be covered by insurance, and spend time with cute dogs. The owners basically get free dog sitting for £45 a year. What a steal! Once I paid and verified my details (I sent in a copy of an energy bill), I was able to start messaging dog owners on the site. Then the dog owners message you back to meet up. Then, you go on your “first date,” where you meet the dog and its owner to make sure it’s a good match. If it is, then you can make plans for the next doggy date and you have a new furry friend to spend time with.


My ‘borrowed’ dog is Blue, a Samoyed Husky Mix and is an absolute joy to be around. He is seriously my dream dog. I’ve loved huskies and samoyeds forever, but this dog is just really good. He’s friendly, well-behaved, and great with kids. He is great on the bus and since he is a Samoyed, he’s hypoallergenic and doesn’t smell. Despite what I’ve read about Samoyeds, this one doesn’t shed that much. I can take him running, even off-leash and he’s just so happy. I mean, just look at him. He’s so beautiful, cute, and fluffy.



My new friend Katherine and I went running with Blue….he’s seriously the best running buddy.


Blue is great on the bus.


He becomes a little rug.


Blue and I will be exploring more of Edinburgh together.


Best dog ever!

I’ve loved dogs since I was a little girl and cannot wait to be a dog owner. Until then, this’ll do.




4 thoughts on “My Online Doggy-Dating Experience

  1. I didn’t realized you loved dogs! Blue is so adorable…….love white fluffy dogs! How often do you get to have him?


    • Auntie Verna, don’t you remember Sami and I playing with the stuffed dogs all the time? 🙂 I try to see him once a week, but I basically text the owner when I’m free and he lets me know if Blue’s available. It’s great!


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