Fishers in Leith

When recommending restaurants in Edinburgh to my friends and family from California, I get into a bit of a dilemma. Visitors should be eating Scottish food and eat in a traditional Scottish restaurant. The problem is that a typical Scottish dining experience would be at a pub and a pub is not exactly super family friendly. Another issue I find is that most Scottish food include fried foods, potatoes, cream, and buttered pie crusts, which are not foods that I, a semi-lactose-intolerant and “health-conscious” Californian can recommend with a good conscious. The other problem is that my favorite restaurants in Edinburgh tend to be Asian and I can’t bring my guests from California, where there are hundreds of amazing Asian restaurants to eat Asian food in Scotland.

Nonetheless, Andrew and I have a place that we do recommend. It’s called Fishers in Leith. Fishers has another location in the city centre, but this is the original Fishers set in a 17th century watchtower. It’s pretty small and can only sit a few tables at a time, but they have two dining areas serving really great seafood. I find it hard for me to describe the food because it’s just fresh seafood. They don’t try to do anything innovative or try to do a special fusion of flavors so pictures will have to do. We generally just order from their “Favourites” menu and this is what we get.


Their Fish Soup is basically a seafood chowder. For a large bowl (enough for 2), it’s £6.25. They give you a lot of seafood in it too.


Fishers Fishcakes were served with lemon & chive mayonnaise and salad. A large is £11.50. I thought it was a little expensive for only 3 fishcakes.


The Shetland Mussels were steamed in white wine, cream, and garlic. For the large order, it’s £12.50. I’ve had mussels that were fresher when we wer ein Skye, but this had good flavor.


No seafood spot is complete without raw oysters. THis is Loch Creran Rock Oysters that costs £23 for a dozen. It’s solid.


The must order is the Chilled Seafood Platter (£19.95). It’s an array of smoked salmon, smoked trout, smoked mackerel, fresh anchovies, rollmop herring, mussels, an oyster, and prawns served with salad.

Service is excellent and I like how the place is still reminiscent of Leith’s history as a harbor and port. The two times Andrew and I have gone, we didn’t make any reservations, but I’d recommend making a reservation since they don’t have many tables.


This is me at Fishers in the rain.


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