Our ‘Wee’ Flat

Our landlord graciously offered to help us with furnishing and decorating our flat so it could be more inviting and hospitable.





THis is our IKEA-furnished apartment (with al little help from Primark and Amazon).


I love maps! Thanks Chen for giving this to my mom who let me take it. 😉


So, I was initially really proud that I was inventive and thought I could make one of these shelves into a bench, but Pinterest already beat me to it. As you can see, Andrew only gets one box for his books.


Also, thanks Clement for driving his awesome mini-van so we could get some of this stuff.


IKEA cafeterias are the best.

Let us know if you want to come hang, take a nap, watch people hike Arthur’s seat, study, play games, or eat with us! 😄


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