Bay Area, Best Area. West Coast, Best Coast.

I went home last month for two weeks and it was awesome seeing family, friends, and eating all my favorite foods. I apologize that I didn’t take many pictures this trip, but I thought you might enjoy some of my musings during my trip back in the bay.  These are some random thoughts I’ve had recently.

California is the best.


It may be an expensive, waterless state, but it’s still the best and I love it. Where else do you get Disneyland, Hollywood, Beach cities, Death Valley, Redwood Forests, San Francisco, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Wine Country, Silicon Valley, the Gold Rush, and the most beautiful drive down the coast. Where else can you spot a celebrity while wearing Rainbow sandals, sporting a Northface backpack, and holding an eco-friendly water bottle as an accessory? It was so good to be back.


There are so many babies!!

It’s either I’m getting old or that I’ve been gone too long. I didn’t even get to see these people be pregnant and hormonal! I met 4 babies this trip (Emma, Caleb, Gilbert, and Eli). They’ll all be walking the next time I see them. WHAT just happened?!?



Mangoes are delicious.

I think they were on sale somewhere and I literally ate one mango each day I was home. Don’t judge and tell me that it’s “yeet hay.” It was freaking delicious.


The Black Lives Matter Movement is real.


Since we’ve been in the UK, the BLM has just been an online conversation that I read about, but when I went home, the protests closed down the freeway in Oakland.

When did Costco get all these Asian snacks?

I saw Pocky, Hi-Chews, and Kinoko no Yamas (chocolate mushroom biscuits) on sale. We can buy these things in bulk now?! This is awesome. Also, I love how you can get bulgogi and poke at Costco. Edinburgh Costco, please step up your game.

  • fdpocky

    Target is very revitalizing.

    I went to Target by myself and had an enjoyable time pushing that red cart and meandering through the aisles. Target is awesome.


    In N Out still has the best burgers in the world.

    Why would you go anywhere else and pay more?

    In N Out

    I love IGC.

    I’m not sure how to describe it, but I miss IGC so much. I never thought an elementary school cafeteria and hard metal chairs could be so comforting. Thanks for loving, caring, and praying for us guys. Please keep posting pictures of everything that you’re doing. It makes me happy. 

    Other countries don’t really do Mexican food.

    Outside of the Americas, where else do they do Mexican food? After traveling or living abroad, one of the things I crave most is a burrito. Mexican restaurants are sparse in Europe and I have never seen one in any of my travels throughout Asia. It’s time people experience Mexican cuisine…and guacamole. Everybody needs more guacamole in their lives (the ones I see in the stores are so sad looking).


    I use more apps in the Bay than in Edinburgh.

    In Edinburgh, I use 3 apps regularly – Facebook, Instagram, and GoogleMaps. When I’m in the Bay, I use way more. If I go out to eat with my friends, I use Facebook Messenger to message everyone, GoogleMaps to navigate, Waze to let me know why and where there is traffic, Siri to tell my friends that I’m running late while driving, Yelp to order only the highly recommended dishes, and Venmo to split the bill because nobody has any cash on them. Even conversations with friends usually include a chat about an app (probably because a lot of them work for one).

    I love decluttering!

    I love throwing things away. Even though I got rid of a lot of stuff when we moved to Scotland, I had another big bag of donations and cleared out even more things this time around.


  • QQ Noodle noodles are bomb.

    This picture does not exhibit the deliciousness of this bowl of noodles.

    Yes, the drive all the way to Milpitas to eat there is totally worth it. I got really full about halfway through my bowl, but I didn’t share any with Andrew so I could chew every last noodle.


    Oh yeah, we will happily wait an hour for a table at a restaurant.

    I haven’t waited more than a few minutes for a table at a restaurant in Edinburgh, but we were totally fine waiting over an hour for a seat at San Tung’s. This concept of “put your name on the list” and “the wait will be 2 hours” is completely unheard of in Edinburgh.

  • 1.5 hours for chicken wings? Sure!

    I hope nobody is judging me for having boba 6 times during my 13 day trip


    We tried Teaspoon in Milpitas for the first time and while it is a little “bougie” and “hipstery,” it was really good. They also have this yogurt popping boba that Andrew and I really like.

    Can more people hurry up and get married so I have a good reason to go home?


Until next time!



2 thoughts on “Bay Area, Best Area. West Coast, Best Coast.

  1. Bay Area is the bestest! This summer we took advantage of places we never visited in my many years in San Francusco….Coit tower, Ferry Bldg, , Tiburon, Columbus Street and Gelato Classico, Angel Island, San Bruno Mountains, Cupertino and East Bay….but next visit must be Scotland! Love your blog


  2. Chelsea – i’m surprised you only had boba 6x in 13 days! I believe there are some people living here who have it multiple times a day so I would have expected at least 10 times. (just kidding – you had to save room for all the other good stuff!) Glad you were here for a little bit – seems like you got a LOT accomplished in a few days. Love you!


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