Free Yoga at Lululemon

When I was in college, I took a stretching and yoga class and it was the best. Yes, I did get credit for stretching, breathing, and savasana. You all know that you wished you took yoga in college. Since then, I’ve tried to include yoga into my workouts. My local 24 Hour Fitness had some great yoga instructors and lots of classes that I could match with my schedule. When we got to Edinburgh, I tried looking for a yoga studio to join, but with my volatile work schedule, there wasn’t anything I could commit to, especially at £8-12 per class.

On a rare day that Andrew and I decided to go shopping, we wandered into Lululemon, mostly because I like to pretend I’m a yuppie who shops at Whole Foods and brings her lunch to work in those red reusable lunch bags. (Fact: Andrew brings his lunch in a Lululemon bag everyday to school.)  While we were there, we found out that they host a free yoga class every Sunday morning.

Class starts at 9:30am, but I try to get there around 9 or 9:10 because the class is very popular and I want to ensure that I get a spot. They open the doors, 5-10 minutes before the class starts where you follow the crowd downstairs to their little studio. They pack a lot of people in there so it’s a little too crowded for me, but I’m not complaining because it’s free. They provide mats, but I normally bring my own since I like a little more padding and don’t like sharing dirty mats. They bring in instructors from local yoga studios, so if I found someone I really liked, I could potentially take classes from them at their studio.

Unfortunately, I work most Sundays so I’m unable to go, but when I do get a Sunday off, you will probably find me at Lululemon. I’d love a buddy on the mat next to me! 😄 Also, it’s free. FREE.

free3 free2 free1

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