☀️ A Holiday in Southern Italy – Rome, Sorrento, Almafi Coast, Pompeii, & Naples ☀️

I spent last week enjoying warm weather, beautiful places, and really good food with family and friends. Andrew’s parents, brother, and our family friends, Uncle Don & Auntie Sylvia came to visit us in Europe. They started their trip in Edinburgh, but most of their time was spent traveling through Italy. We met them in Rome and we traveled by train via Naples to get to Sorrento, a beautiful coastal city. We took a day trip through the Almafi Coast and spent another day in Pompeii before heading back to Rome through Naples.

For me, this trip was extremely relaxing because I didn’t have to do anything. My mom-in-law and Auntie Sylvia did the bulk of the travel planning so I apologize that this post won’t be as well detailed and documented as some of my other posts. You’ll notice that many of the pictures are nice and clear thanks to Nate who was documenting the trip with a SLR. The ugly, highly Instagram-edited ones are from my iPhone. This was our second trip to Rome so I got lazy. Sorry!

Anyways, here are some pictures (with captions)! They are organized by city, not in order.



Andrew was craving a Sprite. He was excited to see former Warrior Marco Belinelli on it. I didn’t know who he was. #terriblewife


We had gelato everyday.


Andrew wanted to play ‘Where’s Waldo’ at the Spanish Steps. Can you find him?



Evenings in Italy are the best (not cold).


The Octopus Salad from Ristorante Zi’Ntonio in Sorrento was amazing!! This was one of the best things I ate on this trip.


I’ve never been a beach/relaxing vacation type of girl, but since this move to Scotland, all I want is to be able to sit at the beach and do nothing. Okay, so Sorrento isn’t really a beach town, but they have these docks and you can sit in the sun hearing the waves crash. 🌊 I was happy. 😎

I could eat this stuff all day. I love fresh pasta. 🍝

Lemon gelato from Raki was delicious (and with 30% less sugar)! 🍦

Almafi Coast


Positano was absolutely beautiful. Also, Instagram is very helpful in making this picture look good. The colors actually weren’t this vivid.


The background is the town of Positano. Andrew likes it when people take pictures of him from above so he looks slimmer.

So beautiful!


We explored the alleyways of the Almafi.

Everybody was walking around with these fried seafood cones.


I love how the town created these little replica villages along the road side.


This lemon cream sorbet from a little stall called Asciula was one of the best things I ate on this trip. 🍋 The Almafi Coast is famous for the lemons, but this Italian ice dessert was so refreshing, not overtly sweet, and super creamy. After this trip, I’ve become more obsessed with lemon desserts and lemon ice creams. So good!


This would’ve been the garden of some rich guy in Pompeii.

Just a random dog napping in the sun in the ruins of a 1st century city…

This would’ve been the main road in Pompeii.

This might be the only day I’ve worn shorts for an entire day while in Europe. ☀️



Naples is the Nutella capital of the world so I had to get a nutella donut while waiting for our train in Naples. It was good.

I love vacations like these. I really enjoyed the warm weather, sitting in the sun, and exploring coastal cities. Eating gelato, pizza, pasta, and seafood everyday was awesome too. Can’t wait for another trip like this one!


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