Chinese Ballers in Scotland 🏀

Andrew got invited to join a team to play in a Chinese basketball tournament called the Huaxia Cup Games at Edinburgh Napier University. The 2-day tournament is hosted by the Edinburgh Chinese Professionals Association and Edinburgh Overseas Chinese Student & Scholars Association with help from Edinburgh’s Chinese Consulate. Apparently, this is Scotland’s largest Chinese sporting event (they also have a badminton and table-tennis tournament too) and the Chinese ambassador to Scotland was supposed to make an appearance.


It was very surreal walking into the gym today. I’ve been to many basketball tournaments, even “Asian” tournaments, but today was special. I walked into a gym in Edinburgh filled with only Chinese people (Chinese people make up less than 1% of the population of Scotland). The only 2 non-Chinese people in the gym were the 2 referees. It was almost as if I left Scotland for a couple hours. It was freezing cold in the gym (and very cold outside too), but there’s something special to be surrounded by so many Chinese people abroad playing basketball. I touched a basketball for the first time since moving to out here.


Here is Andrew bringing the ball down… If you can’t tell, he’s the one wearing a long sleeve blue shirt and red shorts. (Who even wears long sleeves while playing a game?!)

Anyways, Andrew played terrible. He’s getting old and he’s not as fast as he used to be.😉 You can watch him miss a basket and pretty much lose control over the ball in the video below.😂  #istilloveyouandrew

Andrew also wanted to let you know that he got a point for getting fouled, so it was worth it (tournament rule gave out 1 point for shooting fouls).


Here is Andrew and his new friends.



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