Chinese Supermarkets in Edinburgh

Contrary to what I complain about most in Edinburgh, there are actually a handful of Chinese grocery stores in this city. While it’s no 99 Ranch Market or Chinatown, it’s good enough and I enjoy doing my grocery shopping at these locally owned shops. Please know that when I say “Chinese,” it really includes Japanese, Korean, Filipino, and Thai groceries too. 

Anyways, here are five of Edinburgh’s Chinese supermarkets and my reviews of them. There are a couple more, but they’re not ones we frequent so this is it.



36 W Crosscauseway, Edinburgh EH8 9JP
Open everyday 10am-9pm

This is our go-to Chinese market. We pass by Aihua everyday on our way home from work and the staff there are so friendly and nice. It’s always a pleasure going to this store. The owners are an older couple who act as an auntie and uncle in the store, but they just retired and recently reorganized their tiny space to be more efficient. The store is very small, but they somehow fit everything in it.  The aisles are about two feet wide so I can imagine that some people may feel claustrophobic there, but I love it.  They also sell bok choy, frozen meats, and dumplings. More importantly, we love this shop because they give a student discounts (5%) and are open late.

Starlight Chinese Supermarket


25-29 Clerk Street, Edinburgh EH8 9JH
Open Everyday (Mon-Fri: 10am-8pm, Sat: 11am-8pm, Sun: 11am-7pm)

This is our backup Chinese supermarket. If we forget an item, this is the store we go to since it’s the closest Chinese store to us. It’s bigger, brighter, and cleaner than Aihua, but I think some of their items are priced a little bit higher. They have a larger selection of Asian snacks and Asian vegetables. When Aihua doesn’t have an ingredient I am looking for, Starlight generally has it. Starlight also has a second location near Haymarket (268-270 Gorgie Road EH11 2PP), but I’ve never been there. They have a minimum amount for using a debit or credit card so we don’t like that.

Pat’s Chung Ying Chinese Supermarket


199 – 201 Leith Walk, Edinburgh EH6 8NX
Open everyday 10am-6pm
We love Pat’s! It’s our favorite Chinese grocery store in Edinburgh. It’s way larger than any of the other Chinese grocery stores in the city centre and we pass it every Sunday when we go to church. The staff are super friendly and they recently added a butcher shop so we can get bones and cuts of meats that I cannot get anywhere else. None of the butcher shops or normal grocery stores will sell me bones, but I can get them here! I can also get oxtail for Kare-Kare and spareribs cut the way I like it to make black bean spareribs. Pat’s also offers a 5% off student discount and the employees are very nice.

Hing Sing Chinese Supermarket


310 Leith Walk Edinburgh EH6 5BU
Open everyday 10am-6pm

We pass by Hing Sing once a week on our way to church. Like Aihua, it’s tiny, but they seem to be able to stuff everything inside. We don’t really go in there, but I appreciate all their advertisements on their storefront.

 Matthew’s Foods Oriental Supermarket


36 Inglis Green Road, EH14 2ER
Open everyday 9:30am-5:30pm

This is the largest Chinese/Asian Supermarkets in Edinburgh. It’s also the home of Imperial Palace, one of the better Chinese restaurants that serve dim sum! It’s a 45 minute bus ride from the city centre so this is not a place Andrew and I go to often. To be honest, even though it’s big, it didn’t have everything. It’s not the size of 99 Ranch and they don’t have fresh fish in the tanks.

Andrew and I are really appreciating this whole student discount thing at these Chinese grocery stores. Can you imagine a student discount like that in the US? I’m sure my mom would have never let me stay home while she went grocery shopping. I am generally able to get most of the items I need to make the Asian dishes I like, but what I really miss is the lack of a full-service take-out deli with roast duck and barbecued pork. Alright, I better stop writing about this. Now I really want a a cha siu bao (barbecued pork buns) and dan tat (egg tart). Great… 😩


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