Matcha Love 🍵

A while back, Andrew and I were able to check out Cafe Andamiro, a Korean-Japanese restaurant off of the Meadows.



113 Buccleuch Street Edinburgh EH8 9NG

We were not impressed by their Korean dishes, but we’d come back for tea.

We ordered their bibimbap (mix rice) and dwaejibulgogi (spicy pork) and were pretty disappointed with it. The portion sizes were small. The meat in the bibimbap was not bulgogi, but ground meat. The spicy pork dish was cut up so small that it felt as though I was eating something off of a children’s menu. I won’t even waste your time with pictures…

Nonetheless, this is one of the rare places in Edinburgh that serves things with matcha so I was pretty excited about that. Starbucks here only recently put matcha green tea on their menu so it was a long time since I’ve had matcha anything. We ordered a matcha green tea, green tea tiramisu, and green tea shortcake.


Matcha green tea was not too sweet, although not worth the £2 for such a small cup.



Andrew really liked the tiramisu. I didn’t eat much of it so I can’t really describe it.

The green tea shortcake reminded me of the Chinese sponge cakes I would get in Chinatown (especially since they put strawberries in it). The cakes I’ve eaten in Edinburgh have often been very rich and crumbly, but this green tea shortcake was very light and not too sweet.

For this matcha-loving girl, I suppose this will do. 🍵

Oh, and they’re not open on Sundays and Mondays.


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