I love you, California

Life in Edinburgh is still really hard. I feel discouraged. I’m tired. I still get sad and want to go home. Despite my high school dreams to live abroad and do amazing things, I find myself completely lost and broken out here. I’m definitely not who I once thought I was. I’ve learned a lot about myself, my identity, and my values. I’m not as strong and adventurous as I believed I was. I’ve seen how unprepared I am to interact with people who are different than me. I’ve learned how deeply submerged I’ve been in the Asian-American subculture. We’ve been given an amazing opportunity and are so grateful for it, but we still wonder if we’re really meant to be here.

But then, our generous parents invite us to come home. They cook us prime rib dinners. Our friends clear their schedules and treat us to noodle lunches and copious amounts of boba. The sun shines. And I’m encouraged and reminded that I’m loved, even when I can’t see or feel it. It’s freaking hard, but Andrew and I couldn’t possibly do it without our community in California. Thank you for praying for us, taking the time to hang with us, and walking beside us when we feel most alone.

The 2 weeks went by way too fast and it was so hard to leave.

Here are some pictures:


So glad to see waterfalls on my trails again in the Hayward Hills.


One of the best things about being back in the Bay is that we constantly run into people we know. This is my high school classmate, Keith. Thanks for serving us!


I love walks around Lake Chabot with Judy.


Always so good to see and catch up with my MO family.


This is still my favorite. QQ Noodle in Milpitas!


Love these two families.

Love these girls…and our old post-college/unmarried/unemployed Begonia CG


got to see my Taiwanese family before they left too


Next time we come, we’ll be sisters!


This was my 2nd boba drink of the day…


Finally tried Tasty Pot after all the hype there has been on social media. Of course Andrew orders the Cheese & Milk hot pot…


this little boy. 🙂


Best burger in the world.


❤ One day we’ll be altogether again


Milkcow was pretty good. I’ll be back.


We went to Ding’s Garden in Rowland Heights for these delicious pan fried pork baos.


Got to eat these delicious beef rolls and drive through my old college stomping grounds. I was never thankful for all those Asian plazas.


And got to taste what the hype about Creamistry is about… Smitten is still the best.


Sushi to last us 4 months!


Andrew and his new cuddle buddy


Totally fell in love with Grace & David’s IKEA living room. Thanks for letting us stay with you guys!


Can’t leave without the pho!


Also can’t leave without dim sum.


Andrew and all his buddies (compare Derek & Ryan’s head! haha)


I love you, California; you have won this heart of mine.


2 thoughts on “I love you, California

  1. I drooled looking at all the yumminess you consumed while you were back home. Looks like you two made the most of your two week visit. Hang in there and know that you remain in the thoughts and prayers of your family and friends in the Bay Area.


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