Overnighting in Glasgow

Andrew and I have lived in Scotland for 18 months and embarrassingly never made it to Glasgow. Glasgow is technically the largest city and is only 30 miles away from Edinburgh, yet we never been out there. When my parents decided to visit, we finally made the trip.

Compared to Edinburgh, Glasgow may be larger, but it’s way more low-key. Traditionally, it’s known to be a working-class city . Glasgow grew in prosperity through trade and shipbuilding in the 18th-20th centuries and have some really beautiful Victorian architecture.The stereotype is that Edinburgh is snobby and Glasgow is dirty, but friendly. I can definitely agree that the Glaswegians we met were very friendly and helpful. I also agree that Glasgow has a great shopping district.

We started our morning at the Riverside Museum, the current location of the Glasgow Museum of Transport. It actually won European Museum of the Year Award in 2013 and was the fifth most popular attraction in Scotland in 2015. There’s lots of cool cars and interesting stories to read about. It’d probably more fun with kids, but I still think they did a great job. Oh, and I love how all these museums are free.

This might be the world’s oldest bicycle…

They recreated “Main Street” to show a typical Glasgow street scene in the past. You can walk into the shops as well!

We had fun trying to virtually drive the Sinclair C5, a Scottish designed one-person battery electric vehicle.

These large grass chairs were outside of the museum.

Here’s my silly daddy.

After the Riverside Museum, we headed over to the Kelvingrove Museum. It was built originally as the Palace of Fine Arts for the Glasgow International Exhibition in 1888.

This beautiful building in the Kelvingrove.

These creepy heads were hanging in the middle of the building.

Here’s my old man falling asleep in the Art Museum. Thankfully, this is another free museum so it’s okay.

For lunch, we headed to the West End and got burgers at Bread Meats Bread. There’s a Bread Meats Bread in Edinburgh as well, but it’s Scotland’s Best Burger of 2016 and Yelp’s Top Place to Eat in Glasgow so we stopped here.

This was Andrew’s Luther Burger, a double smashed burger inside a glazed donut.

This was my Pastrami Burger with sweet potato fries with candied bacon in the background.

We went shopping along Argyle and Buchanan Street. Unfortunately, we didn’t take any pictures of the shopping streets, but they have a good selection of British and international shops. It’s recognized for being the second best shopping destination in the UK, after London.

I also have to show you our accommodation for the evening. Through Airbnb, I found an apartment on the bottom floor of a converted church. It was really cool (and affordable).

This is what the building looks like from the outside. You would never guess there are apartments inside.

This is where we entered.

This was the living room. You can still see the church door to the pastor’s office (a bedroom) and the pillars.

Look at that arched doorway.

Less than 5 minutes walking distance away from our Airbnb was this cute spot called Ranjit’s Kitchen. They serve traditional vegetarian Panjabi dishes. The menu changes daily and the price is very affordable. We spent only £24 to feed the four of us (and we still had leftovers!). The Glaswegian server with the man-bun was especially helpful in picking our dishes and explaining the food. We even got to meet Ranjit, the woman behind the food.

We highly recommend this little spot. You may have to share a table, but the price, quality, and homemade cheese is worth it!

My mom and the chef!

I’m sure we missed out on a lot of Glasgow, but we may be back again. I don’t mind going shopping. Also, we’ve heard the dim sum here is pretty good so I guess we need to return!


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