Dinner at Number One

There are 4 Michelin starred restaurants in Edinburgh and we got to try one of them. When my parents came to visit, I got reservations at Number One, a fine dining restaurant in The Balmoral.

This was my second Michelin starred restaurant experience, the first being at Campton Place Restaurant at my very first hotel. I’ve been very lucky to enjoy Michelin-star quality food and service through some lovely staff benefits. #thathotellife

Well, let’s get into the food. We ordered the 7-course option and thoroughly enjoyed our meal.

The meal starts with the amuse bouche that was elegantly presented.

Then, you get your choice of freshly baked bread (Andrew got all of them).

Then we got this dish with crab in it. Personally, I didn’t like it cause it reminded me of mayonnaise, which I don’t like.

Now this smoked salmon with quail eggs was really good. When it came out, the servers removed a cover and smoke came out. The lemon (those yellow dots) drops added a nice freshness to the salmon.

The beets came with a sweet sorbet!

The fish dish was solid and well-cooked.

Andrew claims the steak was cooked perfectly and especially enjoyed the sauce and potatoes. Inside that ring of potato is bone marrow.

Then, we got a pre-dessert.

Then, we got the normal dessert (a souffle and shorbread with rhubarb and ice cream).

But we weren’t done yet. Then, they came out with this trolley of sweets. Everything was so good.

These were the ones I got. That candy stick and pink sugar candy is called sherbet. As I was eating it, I felt as though I was in the Willy Wonka’s Factory. (It’s like a a cross between pixy stix and pop rocks).

Thankful for these amazing dining experiences.

Okay, I guess it’s time to go back to our student diet of rice and beans and the special occasional  instant ramen.


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