Doggy Date to Cramond Island

Taking Blue out gives us extra reason to see cool places around Edinburgh. We took him out with our parents to check out Cramond Island. It’s an island off of the village of Cramond with views of the Forth Rail Bridge and Granton/Leith. It’s an interesting little spot because when the tide is high, you can’t walk across to the island. Nobody lives on the island, but the Romans may have used it for a fort or harbor. It was also used for sheep, fishing, a holiday home, and for defense during the World Wars.

It’s about 45 min – 1 hour away from the city centre by bus so it can be a long journey, but it was a cool walking spot. Blue seemed to have a blast, playing with other dogs and getting muddy in the water.

If you’re planning on visiting (from the City Centre), catch the 41 from Princes Street and after 31 stops, it’ll take you to Cramond Village. Just make sure you check out the tide forecast so you don’t get stranded on the island.

This is the first sign you see before you cross so you don’t get stranded.

The walk to the island is about a mile long.

Here is Blue looking all majestic trotting along.

The walkway follows a row of concrete pylons that were added for submarine defense during World War II.

Best part of borrowing a dog is not having to clean him after he plays in the muddy waters!

Once on the island, you get nice views of the Forth Bridge.

and of Leith and Granton

It’s nice to find these pockets of nature only a few miles away from the city centre.

This is the worst dog to play fetch with.

Still in love with this fluffy dog.

My mom even held Blue’s leash. This is quite an accomplishment.

Where should we take Blue next?


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