The Bay in May

Andrew’s brother got married two weeks ago so we flew back for the wedding and to spend time with our friends and family. It was so good. Most travel and expat bloggers recommend not to visit home as often as we do, but these trips home have been worth every dollar, every frequent mile point, and all my vacation days. Even though we have traveled a lot and have had so many unique experiences, coming home definitely beats them all.

While I love The Bay and its weather, the diversity, the food, and culture, I am most thankful for my community and the people in my life. Even though I complain about living in Scotland, if anything, it has made me more thankful for my community. It has made me love and want to love the people in my life.

I loved that even though Andrew and I came back for a wedding, we also got to come back to celebrate 2 of our friend’s birthdays, Mother’s Day (3x), Cameron Carnival, Warriors games (3x), and lots of impromptu and random hangouts. I enjoyed every minute I had back in the Bay and totally forgot to take more pictures, but I hope these will suffice.


Got to get Filipino food! (can’t find that in Scotland!)


I walked through Chinatown for the first time in almost 2 years.


The weather was great everyday.


I love boba with these people and little people. 🙂


We had Chinese banquet food for the first time since we got married.


I had a lovely lunch at Square with the loveliest host!


My family ❤


We went to dinner at Fusion Delight with Andrew’s mom, grandma, and auntie.


And again with my grandma for dim sum!

Sorry for the lack of pictures!

P.S. I’ll be home very soon. 🙂



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