The Hottest Day in Edinburgh

On Friday, it was 80°F (26°C). At 80°F, life in Edinburgh stopped.

So one of the things people do in the UK is talk about the weather. I don’t normally do that, but too bad. I’m gonna talk about the weather.

Everybody took the day off. People were sitting on the grass and eating their KFC & McDonald’s while basking the sun in the middle of the day. It was glorious. I have never seen so many people wear shorts, or even shirts without sleeves before. I felt like I was at a summer music festival. There was so much bare skin.

Most days in Edinburgh are pretty gloomy and generally hover around 50F with some rain. The sun might show up for a couple minutes, but hide itself after making its appearance. However, on Friday, the sun came out, stayed, and the temperature stayed in the high 70’s all day. It was amazing.

Okay, I’ll stop, but since it was warm, we had to join the masses outside too. Andrew and I decided to have a picnic barbecue in the park with our friends, Gustavo and Rosi. We left the Meadows around 9:00pm, but there were still tons of people.



We wanted to get ice cream, but since it was so late (even though the sun was still out), our favorite ice cream spot was closed so we settled for froyo.

Too bad Lucas doesn’t know the difference.

But it’s now, cloudy and back to 50s…and it’s supposed to rain all week.

Guess it’s time to stay indoors again.

This is Edinburgh, where summer comes for 1 day of the year.


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