Doggy Date in Stockbridge

Blue and I went on a date in the lovely Stockbridge neighborhood of Edinburgh.

Stockbridge is one of those very desired neighborhoods. It has a small village feel and charm, but is still within walking distance to the city centre. The area itself has lots of character, complete with cobblestone streets, unique architecture, nice parks, upscale shops and restaurants, and even a river that flows through the area. Fun fact about Stockbridge is that the original Mrs. Doubtfire (who was the inspiration behind the book and movie) used to live in this area.

Blue and I walked all over the neighborhood.

We started at Inverleith Park, which has a lot of open space and great views of the castle. I’ve heard this is one of the best places to watch the fireworks during Hogmanay and the Festival.

We walked past all the Georgian homes…

And found ourselves walking along the Water of Leith and ended up at Dean Village, a former watermill village. Blue made friends with all the tourists there.


We kept walking and I finally found Circus Lane, one of the most picturesque areas of Edinburgh. I’ve seen Circus Lane in tons of blogs and articles about Edinburgh, but never had the chance to see it in person. Blue was in a particularly good mood and posed for a picture.


I met a lady from San Diego who wanted to meet Blue and she offered to take our picture.

P.S. Thanks for my brother’s GoPro for better pictures of Blue.


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