I’m cravin’ some soosh.

One of the things Andrew and I like to do in Edinburgh is make sushi at home…mostly because we really love sushi and can’t afford to spend £60 on one meal for the both of us. Thankfully, we were able to find a fishmonger that sells sushi-grade fish and our local Chinese store and Tesco have everything else we need so we can eat like kings on a student budget.

To get our fish, we head out to Newhaven, a former fishing and shipbuilding village in Edinburgh (about 3 miles away from the city centre on the water). Welch Fishmongers is located on the harbor in an old Victorian fishmarket. Welch’s does a lot of wholesale business, selling to a lot of the best local restaurants so it’s REALLY awesome to buy directly from the market and get some of the same stuff those fancy restaurants buy. We also like it because it’s very clean and they are pretty reliable in having sushi-grade fish. Andrew and I used to go to Eddie’s Seafood that’s closer to us, but we’d have to get there really early in the morning to get the fish cause they’d run out. Also, Welch’s is much cleaner.


This is Newhaven Harbour.

Alright, here’s the breakdown for a sushi dinner enough for 5-6 people.

Avocados: £1.75
Cucumber: £0.50
Imitation Crab (in the UK, it’s known as a Seafood Stick): £1.00
4 cups of Nishiki Sushi Rice: £2.00 (rice isn’t cheap here and costs even more for Japanese rice)
Seaweed: £1.50
0.656 kg of Salmon: 12.33
.338 kg of Tuna: £7.94

Cost: £27.02*
*Sorry, I apologize for not calculating in the costs of rice vinegar (for the sushi rice), soy sauce, furikake, mayonnaise, and sesame oil (to make poke). These are staples in our pantry and we don’t use a recipe so I’m not sure how much we actually use to calculate the right cost. However, I’ll just round up to £30 for these ingredients that we already have.

Our setup for DIY sushi for 5-6. We normally like to make hand rolls cause they’re easier.

£30 for 5-6 people to eat to our heart’s content (and with some leftovers) for some quality fish…Not bad right?


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