Doggy Date in Portobello

Andrew and I took Blue to Portobello, a seaside town in Edinburgh (about 3 miles away from the city centre). It used to be a beachside resort in the 19th century. Back then, there were carnival activities, variety shows, donkey and pony rides, food kiosks, and a Turkish Bath (the Turkish Bath is still open). It lost its popularity after World War II when foreign package tours became more popular. Today, its High Street has a bunch of cute shops. The Promenade is a nice walk, but it’s very underwhelming. There are some restaurants and a vintage-style arcade for kids, but that’s pretty much it. The beach is nice and I was reminded of what the beach feels like in San Francisco since it was overcast the whole time. Portobello is actually one of the most dog-friendly areas in Scotland (lots of stores and restaurants allow dogs) so we had a nice little date with Blue here.

What’s a better date than a walk on the beach?

Look at this empty beach in the summer.

Blue played in the water, but we didn’t dare enter the cold water.

We stopped at Crumbs of Portobello, a little coffee stand on the Promenade in front of the arcade for a snack.

After our little snack, we called it a day and headed back home.




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