3 Days, 3 States

Andrew and I made one last trip to the East Coast. We were only on the East Coast for 3 full days, but ended up hanging out in 3 different states.

If you’ve been reading this blog, you should have noticed that this is the 4th time we’ve flown across the Atlantic in the past 4 months 😳 (Thank you Chase points!!!). This time, it was to bring me home. It just so happened that one of Andrew’s seminary buddies was getting married so we were able to make this last flight really worth it.

(On a side note and so I won’t have to retell this a hundred times in the next few months… I have moved back home! I got a new job in the Bay Area, but Andrew is still in Edinburgh working towards his PhD so we’re doing this long-distance thing again. I will visit him in October and he’ll back home for Christmas. Hopefully and Lord-willing, Andrew will be back by next summer. It’s gonna be a long year so if you want to pray for us, PLEASE do.)

Day 1 – New York

Our friends had a wedding in NYC, so we tagged along for a ride into the city. We had dim sum in Flushing (my favorite place in New York!) with our friends (and their family – cause that’s what you do on Saturdays!).


I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture of the actual dim sum, but this is just one section of the top level of a Flushing mall. It was huge.

We checked out the Museum of Chinese in America because that’s what you do when your husband is researching Chinese people in America (also, because it was hot outside and there was AC in there😜).


MOCA, Museum of Chinese in America… Not the Museum of Contemporary Art.

After we had our fill of AC and got cold, we window-shopped in SoHo and walked the High Line.

Then, we took the subway to Brooklyn where I met up with one of my friends from high school.


Always so nice to catch up with friends who live in these wonderful cities

Day 2 – New Jersey

One of the hardest parts about living abroad is dealing with FOMO (fear of missing out). Andrew and I have missed out on a good number of celebrations, babies, and weddings so we’re so thankful we were able to participate in this one. The wedding was held at historic The Ryland Inn in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey. It was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve been to. The venue was rustic, yet modern. It used to be a country home, a stagecoach stop, and an equestrian estate. And the food – it was amazing. Ryland Inn is known for their farm-to-table cuisine and it did not disappoint. Our friends even had fried chicken and waffles as one of their appetizer stations. On a side note, the service from the staff here was one of the best I’ve had at a wedding. Congrats guys!

Day 3 – Pennsylvania

We went to Philadelphia for the day with our friends Dan & JenJen. We got donuts (and Korean-style fried chicken) from Federal Donuts. They have these hot donuts that were really yummy.

We walked around UPenn and took pictures at all the famous things.

No trip to Philly is complete without a visit to Reading Terminal Market, one of my most favorite places in Philly. If you ever take a trip to Philadelphia, you HAVE to come here.

We love the Tri-State area and we made so many wonderful memories here (since Andrew’s seminary days…and over the past 4 months). It has lots to see, good things to eat, but most importantly, lots of friends who give us so much life and encouragement. I can’t wait for all of you to visit the West Coast. It’ll give Andrew more incentive to finish faster. 😉


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