My 12-Hour Layover in Chicago

The most cost effective way (point-wise) for me to fly back to Scotland this time was to fly a red-eye through O’Hare Airport in Chicago with a 12 hour layover. Thankfully, I have 2 good friends from high school who live there who so graciously picked me up for the best 12 hour layover ever.

Nicole picked me up from the airport around 6:30am and she drove me back to her and Zack’s apartment in the city. I took a good 2 hour nap on the most comfortable bed before we started the day at 9am.

We walked to church at Park Community Church – South Loop. Their worship leader was fantastic. I’ve never heard/sung Jesus Paid It All with jazz undertones.

After church, we walked around Chicago and hit some of the city’s most famous spots.

Here are some of those pictures:

Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park

The Bean in Millennium Park

Chicago Tribune Tower

Giordano’s (for some Chicago style pizza!)

Magnificent Mile (to window shop cause we both pay for our husbands to go to school)

Random, but we used to race against her – and now she’s on the Nike storefronts!

We hung out at Zack and Nicole’s amazing apartment overlooking the city before driving back to the airport. The views were amazing. And of course, we had La Croix cause that’s how Nicole rolls. 💁🏻

It’s always so good to catch up with friends in beautiful cities. Thanks for the best 12 hour layover ever!

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