Hiking the Almaden Quicksilver Historic Trail

Most people don’t know how much my dad still does for others. Besides having his chiropractic practice, he serves on the board for Cameron House, coaches a girls high school basketball team, and teaches an outdoor education class for my old high school.

This past weekend, he took some of his students (and other teachers and family) on a hike in South San Jose. For whatever reason, I decided to join them.

We hiked the Almaden Quicksilver Historic Trail in South San Jose. I think I often forgot how amazing the Bay Area is. In 30 miles, you can reach some really cool and interesting places. From 1845-1976, this area was once the second largest mercury producing mine in the world. My favorite part of the trail was seeing the old mining structures that are still on the trail. There was some elevation, but all the trails are paved so it’s not too difficult. The trail is about 5 miles so it’s definitely a doable hike on a weekend.

Definitely not a bad way to spend a Saturday!

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