Hanging with the Alpacas

We went to visit an alpaca farm with our friends Grace, Esther, & David in Edinburgh and it was awesome.

The farm is called BobCat Alpacas, located in Bonaly, at the foot of the Pentland Hills.

They offer an “Alpaca Experience” so we got to meet the male alpacas, take them for a walk (1+ hours depending on how many times your alpaca stops to eat), hand feed them, and take a ton of selfies. During the trek, our guide (the owner) shared more about alpacas and answered all our questions. They advertise a 2 hour experience, but we spent 2.5 hours there. The cost is £20 per alpaca that you walk so you can totally “share” one and still get to hang with a whole alpaca pack.

If you’ve never met an alpaca before, they’re super friendly and have the softest fleece. Alpacas are originally from South America and were bred for their fiber. While still bred for their fleece, alpacas are also good at guarding chicken and sheep and being a therapy animal.

It was definitely an extremely surreal experience cause these alpacas look like a cartoon stuffed donkey/llama/sheep. Here are some pictures for your entertainment.



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