Oahu with a Baby

I’ve been itching for a tropical, warm vacation ever since I experienced winter in Edinburgh. I had a trip planned to Hawaii for last year, but hyperemesis got the best of me and I had to cancel it. I also wanted to do something relaxing as a baby moon, but I was too sick to plan or enjoy anything. So as a last hurrah before my return back to work, we spent 5 days in Oahu.

Of course traveling with a baby is no joke, but we did it. Cami was totally fine on the way there, but got pretty fussy on the way back home. She obviously knew vacation was over. 😩 People told us that 3-4 months is a great time to travel with a baby since they’re not crawling yet and you can just breastfeed them if they get fussy. Andrew and I are definitely not “travel-with-babies pros”, but this is what we did that worked for us (in case anybody was wondering how we traveled and enjoyed Hawaii with an almost-4-month-old).

  1. We traveled with Cami girl on our lap.
    Babies are free if you don’t need a seat for them until they’re 2. I breastfed her to quiet her when she got fussy and thankfully we had some friendly and understanding neighbors.
  2. We brought the carseat and stroller travel system.
    Airlines allow you to check in a carseat and stroller for free. You can do it when you check in, but we decided to gate-check it since the lovely online bloggers suggested to do this so the airlines don’t damage your stroller. Cami can’t hold her head up yet so we didn’t bring an umbrella stroller and brought our ‘heavy’ Baby Jogger City Mini GT. Reading online forums about traveling with babies made me scared about bringing a ‘big’ stroller, but it was not an issue at all. We were so thankful to have the stroller, especially since it provided shade and protection from the rain. Also, we walked everywhere in Waikiki so it was great not having to carry her. When you go through security, you have to take the baby out of the stroller/carseat (carseat goes through the X-Ray machine and stroller was checked by hand). We borrowed a car seat cover, but I don’t think we’d do that again. It was more of a hassle bringing it through the airport.
  3. We took Uber.
    We took Uber to get around, so we needed to bring our carseat. Taxis in Hawaii do not require a carseat, but Ubers do. UberX was actually cheaper than Lyft for us during our time there. We didn’t take the car seat base, but you could bring it if you wanted to. Installing the car seat without the base was surprisingly very easy and quick.
  4. We stayed at a hotel in a central location.
    I first tried looking at Airbnbs and vacation rentals in an attempt to save money, but after all the fees (occupancy tax, cleaning fee, etc.), plus having to rent a car for 5 days, I decided it was easier to just stay at a hotel. If we needed something for baby, it’d be easier to get it. Most hotels will offer a crib or Pack N Play for the baby for free so it was one less thing to worry about. I (thankfully) found a CyberMonday deal for a nice hotel in Waikiki.
  5. We planned a lot of “Free Time.”
    Andrew and I didn’t do anything super exciting. We didn’t try to do too much. We ate, went for walks, went to the beach, and laid around the pool. And you know, no exciting activities also means FREE. One of the best parts of our trip was laying by the pool while Cami slept on me. It was great.

Anyways, here are some pictures from our trip.

We saw Uncle Don at the airport!


We didn’t make it out to North Shore, but we still got our garlic shrimp at Sam’s Kitchen.


Waikiki – Kahanamoku Beach

YogurStory for Ube Pancakes and Crab Cake Benedict. Yum Yum.

We hiked the Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail. It is a bit of a climb, but it’s paved so it’s stroller-friendly. Checkout Cami’s ghost face from the sunscreen.

Poke, everyday. 😋

Lanikai Beach

We stopped by Waiahole Poi Factory for Squid Luau, Kalua Pork, Chicken Long Rice, Lomi Salmon, Poi, and Haupia.

Here is Cami chillin and doing her tummy time on a daybed by the pool. Lucky girl.

Cami loved not having to wear pants.

We got to visit my friend Venus at the Four Seasons at Ko Olina…

who hooked it up with a family photoshoot with one of her photographer friends for us.

There was even a monk seal chilling on the beach.


Of course, we got fresh sushi and poke at Costco too.


We totally went to Marukame twice during our trip. So good and so cheap. Highly recommend.

We took naps. Cami enjoyed the hotel room.

And Cami smiled at Uncle Clay of Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha.

Last but not least, we went to Waiola Shave Ice.


Now… back to real life.

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